summer colour workshop 2015

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From Intuition to the Systematics of Colour
Dresden University of Technology,
The Architecture Colour Center
August 2nd - 8th, 2015


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Sunday, Aug 2nd:
COLOUR Excursion
Walking tour of the Castle District, followed by the New Masters Gallery in the afternoon
Monday, Aug 3rd:
COLOUR Material
First sensory experiences of pigments and binders, color mixing experiences
Tuesday, Aug 4th:
COLOUR Universe
Quantitative and qualitative analysis of colors in nature, deconstructing the color universe of collected samples
Wednesday, Aug 5th:
Organizing COLOUR
Finding a color taxonomy through systematic Organizing COLOUR analysis of collected samples
Afternoon steamboat excursion to Pillnitz Castle & Gala dinner at Eckberg Castle overlooking the Elbe and the whole city of Dresden
Thursday, Aug 6th:
Developing individual color theme including sub themes using your own color samples
Friday, August 7th:
COLOUR Theme Project
Application of the color themes to a design Project project, Presentation of the group works
Grill Evening at the Körnerhaus garden


Dresden University of Technology, The Architecture Colour Center

Registration and Payment

Cost include tuition, six nights hotel accommodation, lunches, refreshments, study materials and excursions. A non-refundable partial payment of 600,- Euro via Pay Pal or Bank Transfer will be due at the time of registration. The remainder will be due at the beginning of the course on the first day or you may choose submit payment, in full with your registration.

Early registration: 1850,- Euro, if received before May 15st, 2015
Regular registration: 2000,- Euro, if received from May 15st, 2015
Registration will not be possible after June 15th 2015.
Number of participants: minimun 10 to maximum 20.


In the design professions the aspect of colour is often considered secondary to the making of form. In reality however, colour is experienced via the materials that make up the surfaces of objects and spaces, and therefore is an integral part of any experience.

This workshop will consider the integration of colour, light and material into design from the beginning of the creative process. During an inspiring week of workshops, lectures and excursions to Dresdens’museums and surrounding Elbe Valley landscape we will progress from an initial intuitive familiarization with colour through quantitative and qualitative analysis, the making of colours and colour collections to a systematic understanding of the use of colour and its scientific foundations. Participants will apply their acquired knowledge in individual and group projects.

In the framework of an international course, participants from different countries will exchange experiences and ideas and learn from three teachers from Dresden University’s Colour Center.

We expect that the beautiful surrounding of the city and the castles of Dresden will make this weeklong workshop a memorable experience for all participants.

Who we are

The Institute for Design Fundamentals at the Department of Architecture manages the University Colour Teaching and Research Collection and is the nucleus of the interdisciplinary Colour Competency Center. It brings together scholars and practitioners from architecture, design, the arts, physics, engineering and psychology.

Rather than teaching the systematics of colour theory, the components of light, colour and shape are investigated as part of an integrated whole. The Center also offers courses to practitioners outside the university and functions as a consultant for design projects. Our teachers are architects, designers, artists, stage designers and environmental psychologists.

Workshop Instructors

Ralf Weber is a Professor of Spatial Design and Design Fundamentals at the Faculty of Architecture, Dresden University. He holds a PhD in Design Methodology, Environmental Psychology and Aesthetics. He has been a Visiting Professor at the Universities in Ankara, Kent State, Florence and Potsdam & Eugene. He is author of On the Aesthetics of Architecture; Aesthetics and Architectural Composition as well as numerous articles bridging the fields of architecture, aesthetics and psychology.

Thomas Kanthak is an architect in private practice and has been teaching Spatial Design, Design Fundamentals and colour courses at Dresden University of Technology since 2006. He focusses on the topic of Space, Colour and Light. He also organizes the biannual Dresden Colour Forum and, in cooperation with Eckhard Bendin and Ralf Weber, is responsible for the „Colour Collection“.

Claudia Scheffler is an artist working on the interface between art, space and architecture. Her projects include Art in the Urban Context, Interventions in Public Space. She has a colour consulting firm, Coloratour, which is responsible for creating numerous projects in the public realm. She teaches Foundations of Design and Colour at Dresden University.